Thought Models

The Triple Alignment Model (TAM)

Introduction: The Triple Alignment Model is a strategic model and management tool used by leaders to 1) identify and diagnose misalignment, and 2) continuously build and measure for alignment in their lives, relationships, teams, and organizations.

In 2009, organizational consultant Simon Sinek delivered his “Start With Why” TED talk that inspired organizations of all sizes to revisit their vision. The Triple Alignment Model expands on his core belief by integrating the how, the what, the who, and the where into the why.

Model: TAM takes an overall look at the alignment between the vision, mission, goals, and values.

Application: TAM can be used by individuals and organizations consistently and as needed

The Equilibrium Framework

Introduction: The Equilibrium Framework is a life design and management system.

The framework we look at everyday determines our mindset and the way we approach, live, and measure our everyday lives. To live a complete and balanced life, we must start with the foundational framework.

Framework: The Equilibrium Framework mirrors the patterns of each individual’s month, week, and day. (Completeness): It captures an elegant sense of completeness from top to bottom in and (Balance): The left and right sections mirror one another in a delicate union of equilibrium.

The framework is embedded intricately with mindset structures that capture each individual’s everyday inflection points to rewire the mindset and shape their way individuals approach, live, and measure your life.

Application: The Equilibrium Framework has been integrated into a journal, The Equilibrium Journal